About the School

The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School serves students Pre-School (age 3) through 8th grade. Please feel free to call or email us with questions: 202-248-6825, info@inspiredteachingschool.org.

  • The standards-based curriculum is centered around the belief that children are inherently good and have an innate desire to learn; that every child can be successful in school; and that children’s energy, unique talents, and individuality are assets, not obstacles.
  • Active, hands-on experiential learning will be primary.
  • We believe every student possesses the ability to think critically, learn and understand information, and solve complex problems — and that students should spend time in school engaged primarily in these kinds of activities.
  • Young people will learn to read and write and achieve at high levels without having to surrender their intellectual curiosity and passion for learning.

Inspired Teaching School’s Non-Discrimination Statement

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