Center for Inspired Teaching

Since 1995, Center for Inspired Teaching has worked with thousands of teachers to improve instruction and student learning, build teacher capacity, and ensure that school makes the most of students’ innate desire to learn. Through district partnerships, the Inspired Teaching Institute, the Inspired Teacher Certification Program, and now the Inspired Teaching School, we invest in teachers as agents of change in their classrooms, schools, and beyond, so that changes are sustained.

We believe that every child possesses the ability to think critically, learn and understand information, and solve complex problems—and that students should spend their time in school engaged primarily in these kinds of activities. In the Inspired Teaching School, students will learn to read and write and achieve at high levels without having to surrender their intellectual curiosity and passion for learning.

The school will exemplify Center for Inspired Teaching’s history of honoring and investing in teachers:

  • Students will benefit from the experience and expertise of our Master Teachers—all of whom are among the finest educators in the city—as well as the energy and spirit of new teachers.
  • The school will house a Teacher Residency program in which Inspired Teaching Fellows will study under the guidance and supervision of Master Teachers.
  • The school will be a leader in improving the way teachers are trained and students are educated in DC and beyond.

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