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Intellect Inquiry Imagination Integrity

  • 1:7 Early childhood teacher-student ratio
  • 59% Teachers of diverse heritage
  • 8/8 Wards represented in student body
  • 95% Admitted to top high school choice
  • 1 Tier ranking by DC PCSB
  • 472 Students: Preschool - 8th grade



A Parent's Perspective Featured Photo

A Parent's Perspective

A parent of two ITDS students, 8th and 6th graders, reflects on her experience with the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School community.
Spring 2021 Reopening Featured Photo

Spring 2021 Reopening

ITDS commits to providing in-person learning opportunities for students this spring as we emerge from a full year of online instruction.
Resident Reflections Featured Photo

Resident Reflections

Raven Robinson spent the 2017-2018 school year at Inspired Teaching Demonstration School as a Resident Teacher in one of our preschool classrooms. Raven is now in her third year as a prekindergarten teacher at Powell Elementary School, and serves as a grade-level lead teacher.
Student Connections Featured Photo

Student Connections

Maureen Young Ingram was a member of the founding faculty at Inspired Teaching Demonstration School. She taught the preschool Big Cats for nine years and is now a proud member of the ITDS Board of Directors.
#ITDSproud Featured Photo


Melissa Somerville joined the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School community in 2015 as a parent of a 2nd-grader and a 3rd-grader. She joined the staff of ITDS in 2016 as a first-grade teacher, where she’s been inspiring students ever since.
Student Government Shout Outs Featured Photo

Student Government Shout Outs

Middle school student government students shout out ITDS teachers and staff after three weeks of Distance Learning
We Did It! Featured Photo

We Did It!

Inspired Teaching Demonstration School is again ranked as a Tier 1 school by the DC Public Charter School Board.
Intersession is December 16-20! Featured Photo

Intersession is December 16-20!

Learn more about what's to come through this short film created by students in last year's filmmaking intersession with QLokoMotionPictures
Summer Break Featured Photo

Summer Break

As teachers pack up classrooms, and students begin summer vacation, incoming ITDS Principal, Shannon Kane, reflects on the power of transitions - where every ending makes way for a new beginning.
Radically Reimagined Relationships Featured Photo

Radically Reimagined Relationships

ITDS is featured in this report by the Astra Center for Innovative Education and Center for Inspired Teaching as a school with a core commitment to radically reimagined relationships.
Inspired Insights: The Power of Project-Based Learning Featured Photo

Inspired Insights: The Power of Project-Based Learning

Amanda Fasciano is a middle school teaching resident through the Inspired Teaching Residency Program. New to the classroom this year, Amanda shares what she has already observed from lead teachers and students about engaging projects.
Inspired Insights: Intersession Featured Photo

Inspired Insights: Intersession

Instructional coach Ben Frazell explains the most wonderful time of the year at ITDS, a weeklong opportunity for students and adults to dive deep into a topic of learning outside of the normal academic program.
Student Work is Student Voice Featured Photo

Student Work is Student Voice

Sara Bailey, of the Astra Center for Innovative Education, reflects on her visit to ITDS in her latest post, noting how students "...took themselves seriously, asked about what they wanted to know, and seemed incredibly confident."


The teachers are great and teachers know things that they want to share with us. - ITDS Student, Kindergarten
You get to do activities instead of cramming everything in your mind. - ITDS Student, 4th Grade
"Students at ITDS take charge of their learning, ask questions, and feel ownership for what they learn." - ITDS Staff Member
"This is a place where students, teachers, and families work together to ensure that every child thrives" - ITDS Staff Member
"This school has a lot of school spirit and a lot of fun events for the students." - ITDS Student, 3rd Grade
"We love this school and most importantly MY KIDS LOVE GOING TO SCHOOL!" - ITDS Parent
"I feel like we've found a school that genuinely supports our child's emotions and intellect. I am glad that we're part of this school and community." - ITDS Parent