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Coronavirus Update 3.20.2020

March 20, 2020


As you have probably heard, the Mayor announced this afternoon that schools will be closed until April 27. As a result, we will be working over the next week to determine what changes, if any, we will make to our distance learning program. At this time we anticipate that we will maintain our current structure at least through next week. We will share any adjustments as soon as we finalize them; please know that we are in regular contact with school leaders across the city to share resources and best practices about distance learning. We also had a Zoom all-staff meeting this morning and principals are in daily contact with teachers to share information, troubleshoot, and work on the implementation of our distance learning program.

As we navigate what is new to all of us, please give yourself and your children the grace to find a new rhythm to the day-to-day, to settle into a schedule that works for each of you, and to do the amount of work that is manageable each day — knowing that the work that is done and shared is a way for teachers to know and learn what students are doing and learning and able to accomplish at home.

Below please find important updates and reminders.

ITDS Distance Learning Information and Resources (NOTE: live links are available in the email from Kate Keplinger sent on March 20, 2020 to all families and are available on the family portal via the website)

  • ITDS Spring 2020 School Closure FAQs (which we are updating as questions come in)
  • ITDS Online Family Learning Guide
  • ITDS Online Learning Resource Bank
  • Videos of Middle School Evening of the Arts performances
  • Distance Learning Technology FAQ
  • ITDS Spring 2020 School Closure FAQS

Support Resources for Families

  • Mental Health supports are available through DC’s Department of Behavioral Health: please call their hotline at 1-877-793-4357 for support. Available 24/7.
  • ITDS’s Social Worker, Ms. Riffkin, is available by phone.
  • One of our parent’s has shared this useful document with lots of support options.
  • Health Care Insurance: If you are a DC resident, DC Health Link has a special enrollment period so anyone without health insurance can get coverage now. If you live in DC and are uninsured, call (855) 532-5465 for help getting coverage. This phone number does not provide medical or healthcare guidance.

Staying Connected

  • Families in a few of our classrooms have organized class video meet-ups using Zoom. Accounts are free.

General Information on Coronavirus/What to do if you are sick

If you have further questions, or you just want to check-in, please reach out! You and your children are all in our thoughts as we work to roll out and implement plans, adjust based on feedback and changing timelines, and also find time to breathe, be with our own families, and rest from the busy-ness and stress each day brings.

Wishing you all a restful weekend,

Kate, Debbiy, Neoka, Shannon, Seth, and Suriya