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Inspired Insights: When Learning Meets the Community

Field trips serve as an integrated approach to enhance student learning. Follow 4 fourth grade students, as they experience learning in action the Inspired way - through the 4I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity.

Students put their knowledge to the test during a Game Show competition at the National Museum of the American Indian.
“It is important to our learning experience because we can be learning that and we can relate it to how the field trip was similar to our lessons.” -Makenzie, fourth grade, ITDS

Students learned about the changing landscape of D.C. as they explored the Smithsonian Community Museum.
“It’s a fun way of experiencing history and cultures while exploring the city.” -Sienna, fourth grade, ITDS

Students imagined life in the past as they observed the sculptures in the National Museum of the American Indian.
“Field trips are important because when we go on field trips we can learn more about more things. As we look and see around, we can discover information about the topic.” -Essie, fourth grade, ITDS
Students emphasized the value of an individual making a difference through activism.
“We get to learn about a new environment and we get to see other people who are learning who might inspire us.” -Charlotte, fourth grade, ITDS