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Inspired Insights: Colors in Kindergarten

Ms. Bolden’s kindergarten class has been such a joy to teach! We meet once a week on Tuesdays, and we have had a blast. We started the school year off with the color unit, and students got to paint with cool colors (blue, green, and purple)!
Students were given instructions to have fun making marks with their paint brushes but not to make recognizable things, such as hearts and flowers.
In our next classes, students cut pieces out of black and white paper, and added shapes and textures to their paintings.
One of my favorite ways to make art is printmaking. This year we will be using silk screens in many of our projects! Each student contributed one shape to their table’s print. They worked together on the composition, and decided how they wanted it to look.
Each student then got to print their own print!Students worked together in their table groups and cut out shapes that they added to one final product. Check out their amazing prints!