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Inspired Insights: The Power of Project-Based Learning

Amanda Fasciano is a middle school teaching resident through the Inspired Teaching Residency Program. New to the classroom this year, Amanda shares what she has already observed from lead teachers and students about engaging projects.

Inspired Insights: Intersession

Instructional coach Ben Frazell explains the most wonderful time of the year at ITDS, a weeklong opportunity for students and adults to dive deep into a topic of learning outside of the normal academic program.

Student Work is Student Voice

Sara Bailey, of the Astra Center for Innovative Education, reflects on her visit to ITDS in her latest post, noting how students "...took themselves seriously, asked about what they wanted to know, and seemed incredibly confident."

Inspired Insights: Talking Trash

Connie Brown, prekindergarten teacher talks about the value of cultivating Earth stewardship among our youngest learners.

Inspired Insights: The Capable Approach

Tamas O’Doughda, middle school English teacher at Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public School, writes about the importance of believing that all students are capable of achieving much more than we may expect.

Inspired Insights: Preschool Scientists

Maureen Ingram, founding preschool teacher at Inspired Teaching Demonstration School, shares the world of wonder and curiosity that preschoolers experience in the neighborhood.
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