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Celebrating 10 years

10 years
Ten years ago, when we opened our doors to almost 140 students with families who were willing to take a risk on our word and our vision, we could only dream of the amazing community we were to build and the incredible school that would develop from our work. We are thankful that the actual earthquake on day 2 only shook our physical foundation, and not the educational, philosophical, and dedicated community foundation that has built who we have become today. We look forward to sharing with you — and hearing from you — the highlights and memories of the last 10 years, and our hopes and dreams for the next 10 years, as we take the time to celebrate over the course of this most unusual year!
What are your most memorable ITDS moments from the past 10 years?
Do you have pictures to share?

We'd love to hear from you!
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“In 10 years I hope…” - 10th Anniversary Art Design Challenge
 In celebration of our 10th anniversary, ITDS students were invited to participate in an art challenge - creating a piece that responded to the prompt "In 10 years, I hope..." An external panel of 24 evaluators chose these two standouts among the submissions! Congratulations, Violet and Abby!
Violet Art Challenge Submission
"In ten years I hope that all of these things we protest will be fixed and that we will hopefully not have to protest for these things in the future."
- Violet, 7th grade
Abby Art Challenge Submission
"In ten years I hope...for everyone to realize that being different
is what makes us awesome!"
- Abby, 5th grade 
“In 10 years I hope that everyone who goes to Inspired Teaching Demonstration School has as good of a time as me. I hope that I can be a [teacher] resident at Inspired Teaching then, too.”

- Eloise, 5th Grade