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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What grades/ages does the school serve?
The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School serves students from PreSchool (age 3) through 8th grade.
Q: How big are the classes? How many teachers are in each classroom?
There are approximately 20-25 students in each classroom. There are two full-time teachers in every classroom. In Preschool and PreKindergarten (3 and 4 year olds), there is an additional full time paraprofessional. 
Q: What is the school calendar?
The school generally follows the calendar of DC Public Schools, with a few small changes to ensure adequate teacher professional development. The calendar is also available at any time on our website.
Q: Do students get recess? How much?
Students have at least 30 minutes of recess each day. Students may spend even more time outside and active as movement and play are an integral part of the school’s curriculum.
Q: How are students assessed?
The school uses multiple tools to measure progress toward our four goals of Intellect, Imagination, Inquiry, and Integrity. The school relies primarily on authentic and performance assessments (i.e. student exhibitions, student portfolios, teacher observation protocols) to measure student growth and achievement, and also utilizes several externally validated assessments (i.e. PARCC, iReady, DRA).
Q: What is the school’s discipline policy?
The school maintains a safe and happy learning environment for all children and adults. The school embraces an approach to discipline that relies on and builds students’ intrinsic motivation and self-discipline. This approach is designed to maximize students’ appreciation of freedom and its accompanying responsibilities, yet provide the boundaries necessary for student success. In this environment, students behave not because they are afraid of punishment or because they seek a reward, but because they know they are valued members of the classroom community. Teachers hold students to the highest expectations and seek to develop students’ intrinsic motivation in both academic and social situations.
Q: What does it mean to be a Demonstration School?
This school is unique in its commitment to honoring children’s intellect, imagination, and curiosity. Families, community members, and visitors are always welcome at the school, and are able to see our work in action. The school strives to be a leader in improving the way teachers are trained and students are educated in DC and beyond. The school houses the Inspired Residency program in which Fellows study under the guidance and supervision of Master Teachers. Students benefit from the experience and expertise of Master Teachers, all of whom are among the finest educators in the city, and the energy and enthusiasm of new teachers.
Q: How do I enroll my child?
Please visit the admissions section of our website for more information regarding enrollment process and eligibility.
Q: Are applications accepted after the lottery deadline?
Yes. Inspired Teaching Demonstration School accepts applications after the lottery deadline. In order to participate in the public lottery, applications must be received by the lottery deadline. All applications received after the lottery deadline will be added to the waitlist in the order received. 
Q: Do you have a sibling preference in the lottery?
Yes. Children of Inspired Teaching Demonstration School’s founders and siblings of currently enrolled students receive enrollment preference at the lottery. If a student is admitted via lottery to Inspired Teaching School and enrolls, any sibling of the enrolled student gains preference following siblings of currently enrolled students.
Q: How can I find out about the results of the lottery?
All applicants accepted through the lottery will be notified of their acceptance. After the lottery, waitlist will be posted to our website. Families will be able to view their student’s status on the waitlist by the following information: first name, birth date and lottery position number.