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Early Childhood

The Early Childhood program at the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School includes the PreSchool, PreKindergarten, and Kindergarten classrooms. Over the course of these years, students are introduced to the world of school in a nurturing, play-based environment that prepares them to excel in the development of the Four I's.

In PreSchool and PreKindergarten, teachers use Creative Curriculum as a flexible guide that allows for emergent planning based on student interest and guides students through a developmentally appropriate and interdisciplinary series of learning experiences. Creative Curriculum is centered around objectives for development and learning, ranging from gross motor skill development to pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills that prepare students for the elementary years.

In Kindergarten, play and hands-on exploration continue to be essential elements in the school day, and are designed around experiences that help introduce students to the Common Core State Standards that will continue in the following grade levels. Kindergarten acts as a hub of early learning, bringing together the play-based model of early childhood, and the foundational skills of elementary.


Elementary & Middle School

Inspired Teaching Demonstration School's academic curriculum is grounded in the principles of inquiry and designed to ensure that every student not only reaches high levels of academic achievement but also develops skills of empathy and serve as changemakers in their community. Teachers work together to facilitate students’ explorations of a curriculum that demands students to ask and answer complex questions, to solve real world problems, and to master a range of content areas and skills so that they can confidently express themselves and defend their ideas in a variety of contexts. 



Students in grades K-8 engage in Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop to meet the Common Core State Standards, using Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study as a foundation. Readers’ Workshop, which includes Guided Reading groups, allows students to read high-interest books at their “just-right” reading level. In  middle school, students also learn through in-depth study of whole-class novels.



Students in grades K-8 all use Eureka math, which provides opportunities for interactive real-world experiences in mathematics. Grounded in the Common Core State Standards, students are pushed to communicate mathematical thinking and persevere through problem solving, attempting multiple methods of deconstructing the problem. Teachers use ongoing assessment to guide their teaching coupled with cross-curricular projects and investigations to support the in-depth learning for all students.



Students in all grade levels study science throughout the year. The curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards, which challenge students to explore scientific phenomena through hands-on experiments and self-directed research. Students engage in authentic scientific inquiry that requires increasingly complex cognitive skills.


Social Studies

Social studies instruction is deeply integrated across the grades. Using the TCI curriculum as a foundation, individual and group projects, shared readings, read-alouds, and topic-specific independent reading and writing, students develop social studies knowledge and skills aimed at creating independent and action oriented thinkers.

"My daughter, a prekindergartner, says her favorite thing about school is 'when we read books.'"

-ITDS Parent