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In 2009, a founding group of educators was convened by Center for Inspired Teaching to establish a school that showcases the Inspired Teaching instructional model. In doing so, Inspired Teaching Demonstration School seeks to serve as a changemaker in the public school realm.

We accomplish this, primarily, in two ways:

The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School seeks to share best practices with educators, policymakers, and invested community members.

By hosting monthly school tours and offering site-based professional development for educators, the school strives to share the best practices of our model and our teachers. Our practice is public and our teachers are expected to reflect regularly to refine their practice in the best interest of students. Our community is eager to engage in dialogue to improve the school experience for all students - in our building and beyond.

The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School serves as a training site for teacher residents who move on to schools throughout the city, country, and world.

Central to the mission of Inspired Teaching Demonstration School is developing novice teachers through a residency model for teacher preparation. Since its inception in 2011, the school has been a host site for resident teachers from the Inspired Teaching Residency, and starting in the 2020 school year, has also partnered with Urban Teachers. Resident teachers are placed in our school for a full year of training under a master teacher before going on to become a lead teacher in schools throughout the District of Columbia. 
Virtual Demonstration Visit
Friday, March 12, 2021 at 12:30pm
Demonstration Visit
Amid school closures, ITDS teachers have been working to bring our school's special sauce to their virtual classrooms. Join us, virtually, for an interactive peek into our classrooms and a panel discussion with school leaders, teachers, and students.
"This is a place where students, teachers, and families work together to ensure that every child thrives"
- ITDS Staff Member