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The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School believes in transparency and engaging its community in understanding the policies, procedures, and governance of the school. Through the DC Public Charter School Board, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, and through our own communications via our website, newsletters, family organizations, and open-door policies of school leadership, we strive to make information about our school’s performance and operations accessible to our community. On this page are documents and links to the following kinds of information: our charter agreement, PCSB’s site reviews, academic performance reports, equity reports, annual budgets, 990s, at-risk funding spending plan, school policies and procedures, Board of Directors information, and more.

ITDS submits documents to PCSB on a regular basis for review and publication. Please visit the following pages:

DC Public Charter School Transparency Hub

ITDS School Profile page via PCSB (includes school transparency documents for IDEA)



Board of Directors:
John Leibovitz, Board Chair
Andrea Browning, Board Vice-Chair
Title IX Contact:
Kate Keplinger, Chief Operating Officer
202-248-6825 x3043
McKinney-Vento/Homeless Liaison:
Seth Biderman, Principal
202-248-6825 x3317
Special Education Contact:
Samantha Lincoln, Director of Student Support Services
202-248-6825 x2208