Travis Coleman » Lead Teacher, 6th Grade Humanities

Lead Teacher, 6th Grade Humanities

Travis Coleman is a fourteen-year veteran social studies and ELA teacher who began his teaching career in Baltimore City, Maryland. At the Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, he teaches 6th-grade Humanities.
Born and raised in Severna Park, MD, Travis has always worked tirelessly to tutor any child that needed academic support. On a Wednesday evening in 2002 is when Travis realized that it was his duty and destiny to become a teacher. Since then, Travis has earned a degree in Elementary Education and Middle School Studies. He has also taught in several states, as well as in China, where he served as one of 6 ambassadors piloting a civic education program into the Futian school district, in the city of Shenzhen.
For 5 consecutive years, Travis has earned highly effective status in both DCPS, and in the Oakland Unified School District, in California, where he strove to ensure that all students achieved academic excellence. Travis firmly believes that success in education is about building relationships and making meaningful connections.