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Teacher Assistant

Ms. Sampler is going to be your third-grade Teacher Assistant. This will be her first year teaching at Inspired Teaching Public Charter School but fourth year teaching at a charter school. She loves school and all the exploring, learning, and fun we get to have. Ms. Sampler especially loves teaching math! Ms. Sampler can't wait to help you become amazing mathematicians and expose you to lots of new math adventures. Ms. Sampler grew up here in Washington, DC and enjoys going home and do fun learning activities with her daughter Se'Lah, who's also a third grader. This summer, Ms. Sampler and Se'Lah finally got the puppy they've been dreaming of-Lily. Lily is a Yorkshire and has more energy than a room full of third graders! Ms. Sampler can't wait to spend this school year learning and growing with you guys.