Gina McCullough » Lead Teacher, Grades 7/8 Science

Lead Teacher, Grades 7/8 Science

Gina is self-proclaimed beach bum from New Jersey who loves any and all things related to the water. She received her Bachelor's degree in teaching from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ and moved to southern Maryland shortly thereafter.  Once in Maryland, she began teaching science and math for Calvert County Public Schools and spent 2 years working with the outdoor environmental education center in Calvert.  She took few years off to devote her time to her, now 14-year-old, daughter before entering back into the environmental education realm.  Gina began working at the Alice Ferguson Foundation's Hard Bargain Farm as an outdoor educator. 
Gina is most passionate about teaching students about their place on this planet and how to preserve the wonders of this world. She can always be found talking to someone about trash reduction and other human behaviors that negatively impact the environment. When she is not working, she likes the sun, sand and surf, floppy hats and bare feet.  Gina loves cats of all shapes and sizes, oceans and sea turtles!!  Her favorite thing to do at night is look to the sky for planets and stars and dream about a perfect world.