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3rd Grade (Blum/Gee, Soon-To-Be-Named)

We are incredibly excited to welcome your child into 3rd grade this year! With your help and the insight you bring into your child, we hope to create a supportive environment that encourages academic risk-taking, creativity, and social-emotional growth. During these first few weeks of school, we will introduce classroom routines, build classroom community rules and expectations, and begin the rewarding work of building the relationships that will enable students to feel a sense of belonging and inspire excitement around learning. We look forward to partnering with you in order to better understand your children and tap into the many ways that they can enrich our classroom and build our community!
At any point during the year, feel free to contact us via email at eli.blum@inspiredteachingschool.org or kina.gee@inspiredteachingschool.org
Eli Blum and Kina Gee

Week One Update!


Dear Families,

Third grade is off to a terrific start! We spent much of this week getting to know one another, building our community, and clarifying our daily routines and expectations. Already, students are caring for our classroom, treating each other kindly, and displaying focus and determination during learning times.  

As a community, we set expectations for our independent reading block and had our first independent reading session of the year. To launch our lives as mathematicians, we read aloud The Math Curse, about a boy who is "cursed" with noticing math in every situation he encounters. We then explored for ourselves how we can find math in all kinds of unlikely places (outer space, on the beach, on a soccer field...). To launch our thinking about hopes/dreams/goals for the year, we read the book The Big Orange Splot, which features a character who transforms his house into a representation of all his dreams. Students then reflected on accomplishments and challenges from 2nd grade, before turning attention toward 3rd grade. They decided on a goal for this year, wrote a few lines describing it, and then created their own house of dreams out of construction paper that symbolized the goal.  

Students finished the day on Friday writing letters to their families describing some of the highlights of the week and including things they are looking forward to next week and beyond. Check their orange folders for those! The letters will be especially welcome if you're at all tired of those monosyllabic answers to the age-old  "What did you do today in school?" question.

Next week, we are looking forward to exploring how our community rules will be lived out in the classroom, picking a class name, creating class jobs, and launching math, as well as reading and writing workshops.

Finally, if you have not yet filled out the parent survey form handed out on meet your teacher day (or sent home in the orange folder if you were unable to attend), please do so at your convenience. You are experts on your child, and we would love to hear your insights!

Coming Up:

September 3rd: Labor Day, No School

September 13th: Back to School Night

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to email.

Have a great week!

Mr. Blum and Ms. Gee